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Sunday, October 28th, 2018

 Don’t Give Your Attacker A Chance!

IF you are suddenly jumped or set upon by surprise your only hope lies in an immediate and ferocious counterattack. Preempting in such a situation is not possible. However, in most situations when an individual is attacked there is a confrontational phase to the encounter ––– or at the very least, almost always a perception of the attacker’s approach. The very moment when it becomes clear that an approaching individual intends you harm, ATTACK! Normally this is the most difficult step for the majority of defenders to take. Goind to “RED” from “YELLOW” or ‘ORANGE” is difficult because it is the step that no sane person ever wants to have to take. Yet, once it is clear to you that you are dealing with someone who intends you harm your smartest move is to deny him the opportunity to injure you, seize the initiative, and attack him as viciously and fiercely as your combined mental and physical capacity permits.

It is easy to misinterpret this message and to take it to be a rationalization for starting trouble and using combat skills the fist chance you get. But anyone who is honest and who is truly reading that which we are conveying here, knows that we advocate preemptive force only for legitimate self-protection, and only when you are convinced that you or a loved one will be seriously injured if you do not act aggressively and immediately.

Seizing the initiative and attacking your attacker offers advantages that may be had in no other way:

First, you have the element of surprise in your favor, providing you go into your preemptive action correctly, without telegraphing your move.

Second, since your attacker is concentrating on his move against you, he is now in a position similar to that of a person who pushes with his entire bodyweight against an unlocked door that he believes is locked. When the door unexpectedly givesway the person has no way to stop himself in time to avoid losing his balance and recovering his position. He simply goes flying!

Similarly, the attacker who is focused upon his attacking action and who is unexpectedly confronted by your attacking action cannot possibly stop himself in time, cease his offensive gesture, and cope with what is now coming at him. Example: As the scum raises its hand to punch you, mentally committed to that action, and your hand whips a lightnig-fast fingertips thrust into its eyes, the scum simply gets stabbed in the eyes before he can punch you.

Make your first move against a dangerous attacker as destructive and ferocious as possible. Only law enforcement and security people need to concern themselves with “control” and “arresting” holds. You have no responsibility, as a private citizen, to make an arrest. Your only responsibility when you cannot avoid trouble is to defend yourself. (Yes, we know all about “citizens’ arrest” and we strongly advise against such action. Leave arresting felons to the police.)

Self-defense, though few will openly acknowledge it for fear of sounding politically incorrect, is a potentially deadly, very dangerous undertaking. It is war in microcosm. Victims of violent attack get maimed and killed all of the time . . . often when their maiming or death was not the intended objective of the scum who attacked them.

Remember this: If you must defend yourself do whatever you are able to do immediately, with all of your strength, speed, and mental focus. Do not give your attacker the slightest chance to use whatever capabilities he may have!

Violent offenders do not share the same value system that decent human beings possess. Our evaluation of human life, and we assume yours, too, is that it is precious. Outside the context of being forced to either defend or be injured, we abhor the thought of using any physical force against anyone. As we have written elsewhere: We consider ourself a pacifist; and we assume that any decent, thinking, civilized, truly human human being is also a pacifist. Only if directly threatened by violence do we suspend our pacifism, and we urge all other decent people to do the same. Submitting to violation at the hands of some gutter-scum should not be dignified by being referred to as “being a pacifist”. Rather it is quite often better defined as being a damn fool. In fact it encourages the use of violence ––– violence by those who are evil against those who are innocent.

We acknowledge that this is one hard lesson for many decent people to learn and to acquire as a personal tactical imperative: Never give any attacker a chance. Attack him immediately, and render him helpless and harmless. He asked for it. Your well-being and your life are more important than his. Nevertheless, you must learn it.

We are not concerned here with sport or contests; nor is our focus on beautiful, esthetically satisfying classical art. In self-defense we are concerned with survival. And on behalf of that objective, anything goes; and it must go IMMEDIATELY!

To those who may ask, “What if the attacker has no real intention to harm me seriously ––– perhaps he’s even bluffing. How can I justify seriously injuring someone like that?”

The answer is that you are not a mind-reader or a seer. If you hesitate because you “might” not “really” be in serious danger, you are gambling with your life and limb. Don’t do it. Don’t give the benefit of any possible doubt to some unknown assailant who, for all you know, has killed before and now seeks to kill you. While our philosophy may sound extreme we ask you to remember that there are few emergencies as extreme as being confronted by a violent physical attack. You simply must assume, should such a misfortune befall you, that your attacker is very dangerous, that he intends you serious injury, and that he is very capable of inflicting it unless you destroy his capability of carrying through his action! So make up your mind to do exactly that.

We truly hope that neither ourself nor you ever find that we are in a situation where a violent offender is intent upon harming us. But if, God forbid, that ever happens, please remember to give that monster no chance to carry out his intended plan. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Don’t falter. Don’t attempt futile “dialog” while violence is coming at you.

Go get that attacker, and do it NOW! Don’t give give him a snowball’s chance in hell to hurt you in the least.


Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

“Superheroes”, “Guardian Angels”, And You

“The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing”

–––Albert Einstein

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for all good men to do nothing”

–––Edmund Burke

UNTIL very recently we were unaware of the urban phenomenon of so-called Real-Life Superheroes. These are individuals, mostly young men, but with a percentage of young women, too, who don what are often fairly outrageous outfits including masks, and go about ––– normally after dark ––– attempting to do whatever they can to fight street crime and to provide assistance here and there to needy people. Local police where these people ply their avocation seem more to “tolerate” than to support these very well-intended, civic-minded, enormously generous and surprisingly decent community members. (A somewhat similar relationship has always existed between the now famous “Guardian Angels” Organization, which is headed up by its Founder, Curtis Sliwa, and the NYPD).

What of these people? What of their groups or members of their groups? Are they making a difference? Is the difference a good one? Should citizens support them?

We’ll start off with the well-known Guardian Angels. Our personal opinion of these people is that they are nothing short of wonderful. They are paid nothing. They patrol danger spots and curtail a great deal of trouble ––– often by their mere presence; sometimes at the cost of their own blood. These people we would prefer to refer to as super citizens than “super heroes”, since the latter term smacks of ostentation and bravado (neither of which have ever characterized either Curtis Sliwa or his people). Curtis Sliwa has risked, and recently came very close to losing, his life. The reaction of the NYPD officers who showed up at the scene of Sliwa’s near-assassination was, in our view, unbecoming. Sliwa and his people have always cooperated with the NYPD, have often been responsible for the apprehension of street scum, and have never derided or in any way entered into conflicts of any kind at any level with the law enforcers of New York City. We like to think that the majority of New York’s Finest appreciate and respect Sliwa and the Guardian Angels.

As for the Real-Life Superheroes (a designation that these individuals use, themselves) who exist in much smaller groups than the today well-established and international Guardian Angels, or in some instances as solitary persons who simply feel that it is their mission to work against crime and injustice in their cities, we came away from our orientation in their activities and motives feeling  a) That they are essentially decent, highly motivated, courageous and determined individuals,  b) That they certainly deserve citizen respect and support,  c) That they do not hinder or conflict with duly constituted law enforcement in any way, and  d)  That they would do well to drastically simplify, tone down, and minimize whatever costumes or “uniforms” they choose to wear. Our personal opinion is that they would be taken more seriously by more people, and that ––– if their appearance was less flamboyant ––– their effect would actually be more powerful. We do not say this disrespectfully, but more as a sincere observation intended to help these individuals ––– since we’re all for what they do. (Note the much more simple uniform that the Guardian Angels wear. It gets the message across instantly who they are . . . and there is no way to mistake the members for fanticizers or possibly flakes.

Whenever we think about the Guardian Angels (and now, the Real-Life Superheroes, as well) our thoughts invariably turn to the need for every single citizen who is able to do so to become a prepared enemy of criminal violence and intimidating predation. No, we do not mean that every able-bodied man and woman should join or form any group at all, necessarily. However, we do believe that every man and woman should become as adept and able as humanly possible to defend himself and those he loves. We make no apologies for the fact that we advocate responsible private citizen ownership, carry, and lawful USE of firearms, and edged and bludgeoning weapons as well as the use of the customary security procedures (i.e. alarms, locks, guard dogs, neighborhood watch groups, etc,). You know we believe in martial skills training! Not competition stuff, but the real deal. COMBAT skills; war-proven skills. Armed and unarmed. We believe that combat arts training should be a part of every decent citizen’s education. Yes, the police must be trained and prepared, but first and foremost it is the American way for all citizens to be ready to defend themselves and their families in any emergency. It is exclusive, elitist, and frankly statist to declare, as some have, that the citizenry constitute a body of  “sheep”, and that they are in need of so-called “sheepdogs” (i.e. state-employed armed protectors) for their security. Yes, we need the police and the military, and absolutely we should support them and respect them, and cooperate with them whenever we can do so;  but we should insist upon and demand laws that freely allow all of us to defend ourselves with and without all modern, individual weapons. 

We applaud the Real-Life Superheroes for their spirit, and for the fact that their hearts are in the right place. Just like the Guardian Angels –––  may they continue to flourish. But in applauding them and our law enforcement professionals as well, we nonetheless understand that we, the people have not merely a perfect RIGHT but also a responsibility, to safeguard and protect ourselves and our own. The powerful, united front presented by well-organized, lawful citizen groups, the police, and well-prepared individual citizens who are able to meet the predatory elements when necessary and beat them at their own game of violence, would soon see the despicable acts of antisocial predation dwindle tremendously from their present disgracefully frequent rate of occurrence.