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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020


AS we wend our way toward the age of 80 we find ourself becoming more and more appreciative of firearms and their irreplaceable importance and value for self-defense.

No way can the unarmed combat abilities we enjoyed in our younger years be counted upon today. Yes, we still retain a respectable ability in unarmed close combat and self-defense, in the use of a knife, and in stick methods, etc. ––– but even in our 20’s we recognized that these skills could never take the place of a combat pistol, a shotgun, or a 5.56 carbine. That’s why we included all modern hand-held weapons in the American Combato curriculum. Today, these skills ––– most particularly those with firearms ––– take on a greater importance in our own personal security and defense plans and training. Age and arthritis, two all but inevitable afflictions that come with time, remind us that the street garbage––– the predatory sh–t ––– in its teens, 20’s and 30’s, has some undeniable advantages over us in all-out close combat. These advantages, we happily note, can be nicely dealt with and overcome by Mr. Colt, Messrs. Smith and Wesson, and their relations (i.e. Browning, Remington, Heckler and Koch, Glock, Ruger, Springfield Armory, etc.).

We have no intention of ever submitting to victimhood should the unfortunate occurrence of an encounter with attacking felons ever arise. Guns provide a reasonably certain defense for ourself, our wife, and our home. And it is a defense that we intend to rely upon if necessary.

How do you feel about this?

Regardless of your age we would urge you to acquire practical weapon skills ––– to include of course the ultimate personal weapons: firearms.There is no substitute for guns.

If you are one of our students then you are well aware that weapons are integral to our System . . . and the use of the handgun is specifically taught at Black Belt level. But if you are training in another method that restricts itself to either unarmed action only, or to unarmed combat and antiquated weapons (beautiful indeed, but of no real practical value) then we suggest that you

––– First and foremost take a good course in firearms safety, handling, and shooting. 

––– Get familiar with semiautomatic (normally referred to as “automatic”) pistols, and revolvers. Both types of handgun are valuable and effective.

––– Decide upon the weapon(s) best suited to your needs and tastes.

––– Purchase the best quality-manufactured weapons no matter the cost. (This is not something for which you shop for budget items. You want the best.) 

––– Practice, practice, practice with your weapons. Learn combat work either from a teacher who emphasizes point shooting, or from the works of those combat experts who have described it in their publications. Kill Or Get Killed, Shooting To Live, and Quick Or Dead are first class sources of viable instruction.

One of the reasons why we left New York in the 1970’s is because of the unConstitutional, oppressive, insane, and unjust fanatical gun laws and restrictions. And while we cannot tell anoyone to relocate, we did, and anyone who knows what is happening in our society today might want to consider this option if he lives where gun laws all but completely prevent his owning and carrying a gun for self-defense.

True enough, you may never need to employ firearm skills (or unarmed combat skills) of any kind, ever. But it makes good sense to have these skills and these weapons, because if you ever do need them, you will need them immediately, and very, very badly!

If you are fortunate enough to reach what is euphemistically referred to as your “senior years” you will certainly be glad to know that ––– even at whatever advanced age you may be ––– you possess the means of stopping any powerful, determined aggressor in his tracks. In your case any “home invader” will leave in a body bag, and you and yours will survive! 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the law as it applies where you live, regarding firearms and the use of deadly force in self-defense. You might want to obtain a PDF of our little booklet, “Combat Handgun Miscellany”. It costs $10. Send us ten bucks and clearly print your email address with your order, and we’ll get it to you immediately. Order from: Brad Steiner P.O. Box 15929  Seattle, WA. 98115.

If you are a “joiner” and wish to become part of a rational, well-run, aggressively effective pro-gun organization, we’d suggest Gun Owners of America. Larry Pratt runs this Organization, and in our personal opinion it stands head and shoulders above the NRA.

Guns are tools. Like all tools, they are manufactured for the purpose of assisting in the accomplishment of tasks. The “task” in the case of firearms is survival and self-defense, and the protection of your loved ones and your home. Certainly a worthy objective you will agree.

That some criminals misuse guns is a fact. But that criminals will always and inevitably obtain guns no matter what laws and regulations are imposed is also a fact. The private citizen who is armed and prepared to answer deadly force with deadly force is the only solution to armed criminal violence. “Gun control” is either a misguided concept by well-intentioned but ignorant individuals who legitimately oppose violent crime, OR it is a deadly action that is pursued by politically-motivated tyrants and their thugs to render a population helpless.

As a good guy we want you to know and to appreciate the great value of being armed and competent with guns. The bad guys have always known this.

Recommendation: A marvelous Documentary titled “Innocents Betrayed” is available on YouTube. It presents a thorough and utterly persuasive argument for private citizens to be well armed.