You Need More Than The Police

“CALL the police.” Whenever a situation gets out of hand to the extent that it appears violence is about to erupt, or whenever a situation arises in which violence already has erupted, and calling 911 is feasible, then calling the police is certainly the correct and wise thing to do.

Let’s be realistic, however. There are times when the eruption of violence occurs so dangerously fast, and when the threat to human life and limb is so immediate, that calling the police is only feasible after the catastrophic event has concluded. It is not that the police are indifferent, it is just that they can often only get there — because you are only able to contact them — after the fact. The police often do a splendid job of apprehending dangerous felons; but sadly they rarely if ever manage to interdict the felony. Thus even when the police do their job perfectly it does not mean that the victims of egregious violence will be saved from their initial victimization.

Only the victim is right there when violence strikes. And if violence is to be defeated, then it is the intended victim who will defeat it.. One can be knocked senseless, stabbed to death, shot, or snatched off the street into a vehicle in far less time than it takes to press 9-1-1 on a cell phone pad. Only when violent offenders collide unexpectedly with furious counterforce are they thwarted.

We need the police. But we also need something more than the police. We need the knowledge, skills, and tools with which to defend ourselves. We need to be able to meet and defeat unlawful aggression decisively, in order to avoid death or other serious injury when an attack comes.

No one who has ever been the victim of a physical attack or who has had the even worse experience of having had a loved one suffer such an attack will deny that the experience is horrific. It is never forgotten. It leaves scars which remain for life, and which blemish all areas of one’s life — permanently. Trusting others, relating benevolently to others, respecting others, believing in one’s own general security and safety when amongst one’s fellows, and so on, are almost never the same for anyone following an encounter with serious violent crime.

With these facts understood it is downright amazing that learning self-defense and acquiring weapons with which to protect oneself is not a key concern of every decent citizen on earth. But it isn’t. For every individual who does something to make himself ready to handle a dangerous emeregency there are thousands who behave as though it couldn’t possibly happen to them. These people might respond to the individual who undertakes to ready himself and who perhaps suggests that they do the same, by saying simply that if trouble ever comes they’ll call the police.

Right. Good luck.

Today, being able to effectively defend yourself has become — for those who are realists — a virtually indispensable ability. Violent crime is increasing everywhere, and the possibility that at some time in your life you and yours will be confronted directly by dangerous aggression is hardly remote. It is wise to prepare.

Certainly it is essential that you be able to use your hands and feet effectively, and that if you are confronted by a troublemaker, mugger, or physical bully, you be able to handle the situation. It is also highly desirable that you become proficient with a stick, with a knife, and with miscellaneous objects-at-hand as weapons with which to insure your survival in a dangerous situation. Firearms are of course the ultimate means of personal, family, and home defense, and no one can be fully prepared to defend against armed assault, intrusion, or home invasion unless he has recourse to a handgun or shotgun, and unless he possesses the requisite skill with which to use his firearm effectively. Gun laws vary from state to state, and for some it may be more difficult to acquire the necessary permits and arms; but we urge all decent people to go to whatever trouble is necessary to legally obtain, keep, and learn to employ effectively, quality firearms. Criminals will always be armed, regardless of any gun laws or prohibitions — and this is true even in countries that attempt to literally ban firearms completely from ownership and use by citizens.

If absurd popaganda has made you doubt the wisdom of being lawfully armed and trained to use firearms, because, as one fool said recently in a news broadcast when commenting on recent murders that had occurred in a major city, “the problem is guns, and you have come to accept such bullshit, consider this: Blaming guns for the violence that criminals commit with firearms is like blaming automobiles for those who commit the crime of hit-and-run. What utter illogical nonsense.

Be a lawful, responsible, well-trained and totally prepared armed citizen.

In addition to taking steps to insure that you have physical defense skills and weapons with which to defend yourself and your family, you must also acquire the all-important mindset; the attitude of decision and readiness, so that you not only “know how” to employ necessary violence in legitmate defense, but are in fact able to employ it, with and without weapons. Without proper mindset — i.e. mental conditioning — mere physical skill and knowledge will not be enough to save you.

How is proper mindset acquired?

There are some few people who come to the study of close combat and self-defense who already possess the right mindset. Some of these people are military or law enforcement veterans of combat. Some are people whose early lives were lived in an exceedingly violent and dangerous environment. Still others are actual victims of violent crime who, after surviving the ordeal which they went through, have vowed to themselves “Never again!” Once people in these categories acquire the right methods and tools they are a violent offender’s worst nightmare!

But most people who come to train in self-defense must be taught correct mindset, and they need to be guided and conditioned, over time, so that their psyches develop along with their skills. Our book on CD, Mental Conditioning For Close Combat And Self-Defense has enabled many to self-teach this critical aspect of combat readiness. In our classes and lessons we hammer this phase of combat conditioning so thoroughly home that many students have reported after only a few months that they are, while not desirous of ever having to deal with violence, 100% ready to “give hell” to any extralegal scumbag(s) who invades the sanctity of their lives! You can achieve this, too. And you must!

Read news reports of violent crime. Speak to law enforcement officers. Speak to victims. Read about criminal violence and the lifestyles and mindsets of the scum who look at the citizenry of their city as providing them an abundance of “game”. Do not be ashamed to hate these swine. Detest their existence. Resent the fact that they breath. Saturate your mind with this when and while you prepare physically and technically, and the result will soon be impressive. Eradicate forever from your mind the notion that violent human predators are “human, too”. They are not. By their own choice and action they have resigned from the human race.

Get enraged. And get ready.

Our Nation’s law enforcement professionals deserve our respect and our support. But they must not be regarded as our only — or even as our primary — bulwark against violent crime. We must be our own protectors. You must realize this responsibility and accept it enthusiastically. Then you will be one of those who is not helpless when violence comes to him. You will be prepared. You will be ready. And while no one can guarantee that you will always prevail, you certainly will have shifted the odds tremendously in your favor. Remember: The living garbage want victims, not enraged, tough, trained and aggressive enemies who fight back mercilessly and at once.

A prepared, angry, armed, trained, and indignantly outraged citizenry is the most powerful antidote to the scourge of violent crime. Yes, we need the police. But we also need more than the police.