The Enemy’s Weaknesses

(All Violent Offenders Are Dangerous, But They Have Weaknesses That You Should Understand And Exploit)

INTELLIGENT people avoid violence. Life offers enough unavoidable difficulties without becoming involved in physical combat with members of your own species. However, if you are the victim of an attack you have no choice but to submit to injury or death — or fight back and defend yourself.

Decent human beings who are properly civilized find the thought of injuring or killing others to be abnormal, abhorrent, and unnatural. Assuming a decent human being has been properly raised and educated however, he will, despite such an antipathy toward savaging another person, be quite willing and able to do it, should the need arise. Healthy self-respect and an understanding of right and wrong, and a proper morality that acknowledges the absolute righteousness of self-defense (and, incidentally, the immorality of permitting evil to succeed) will provide the decent person with the psychological foundation upon which to build a solid ability with armed and unarmed combat skills.

There is something that should be understood about violent offenders that will provide a psychological and morale edge for you if the unfortunate situation ever does arise in which you will need to put your combat training into use. It pertains to their weaknesses. And with the rarest of rare exceptions, virtually all criminal offenders who undertake to physically violate others share these weaknesses:

— Violent offenders (whether bullies, “tough guys”, robbers, muggers, rapists, home invaders, thrill killers, or  what-have-you) expect to be successful in their attack upon you. If they did not expect this, then only the most psychotic and bizarre among them would initiate an attack against you in the first place.

— Violent offenders do not want to be injured or killed, themselves. They don’t mind injuring or killing you, but they do not (again, with the possible rare exception of the out-of-their-mind-completely psychotic nutjobs, or the politically motivated terrorist fanatics) want to risk being hurt, crippled, or killed.

— Violent offenders want to escape capture and prosecution for their actions. They are in fact desperate to avoid the consequences of their actions.

Violent filth desperately wants to avoid incarceration. This is something that the decent citizen acting in self-defense need not fear. This is also a tremendous weakness for the offender, and you want to exploit it if you ever need to defend yourself.

Violent filth desperately wants to avoid incarceration. This is something that the decent citizen acting in self-defense need not fear. This is also a tremendous weakness for the offender, and you want to exploit it if you ever need to defend yourself.

Violent offenders have everything to lose if they are unsuccessful; and they do not believe that they will be unsuccessful. Their victims have nothing to lose by fighting back, even if they are unsuccessful; and proper training in quality self-defense techniques drastically shifts the odds of being successful to the intended victim’s side. Here’s why:

— The element of surprise is one of the most important principles for success in any combat situation — from a war between nations, to a hand-to-hand battle between individuals. Since the violent offender expects to be successful you possess an automatic surprise advantage when you fight back. Even if you are not skilled in any particular martial methods the mere fact of encountering sudden resistance surprises the violent offender, since he calculated an “easy mark” when he targetted you. If you are skilled in the kinds of techniques that, for example, we teach in American Combato, your capitalizing on the element of surprise will enable you to effectively implement destructive, damaging actions that speedily neutralize and render harmless your would-be victimizer. The odds are heavily in your favor!

— Quality self-defense techniques — authentic close combat skills — enable anyone to almost instantly injure, maim, or kill any enemy who does not expect that the possessor of those skills can in fact execute devastating techniques. Even if your attacker is not knocked unconscious straight away, the fear of realizing immediately that he is under attack and subject to injury or death, himself, will almost always cause him to freeze or to attempt to flee. In any case, he will not be able to adjust fast enough and shift his focus from attacking you, to dealing with your attack against him. (Remember, as we first wrote decades ago, and have been teaching even before putting it in writing: When you are attacked, attack your attacker!) Once again, the odds are heavily in your favor!

— Integrel to the plan of virtually any violent assailant is that, after achieving his objective of violating you in whatever manner and to whatever extent he intends, he will get away. Because he wants to get away, and not be apprehended by the authorities for his actions, he finds himself desperate immediately when he encounters fierce resistance! He knows — if only in the back of his mind — that time works against not for himself. If he is tied up in battle, or — worse! — if he is injured to the extent that he cannot escape (putting aside for the moment his desire simply not to be hurt or killed) he knows that he is in big trouble. You have all the time you require. Go get him! Smash him to pieces! Beat him senseless! Keep on attacking him without mercy or forebearance until you are absolutely certain that you are safe and that he is harmless. You have that perfect right, and you have nothing to fear from the authorities; in fact their arrival on the scene will be a help and a relief for you!

In American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) we teach that AVOIDANCE is self-defense technique #1. But technique #2 (i.e. preemptive attack) or #3 (i.e. ferocious counterattack) may be necessary when avoidance is not feasible. So develop your skills, condition and build your body, and train your mindset. If you do, and if you understand just how your enemy’s weaknesses will inevitably help your effective defense actions, you should rest fairly easily assured that if, God forbid, dangerous violence ever intrudes into your life from some atrocious felon’s onslaught, you will be equal to the task of handling it.

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