The Face Of Violent Crime In 21st Century Urban America

(Some frightening observations)

WE have been teaching self-defense since the 1960’s. We were a child in the 1950’s when we began studying the arts of individual combat, and over the more than 55 years of our involvement in the study and researching and teaching of fighting arts and personal protection we have observed some very significant — and very alarming — changes in the “face” of violent crime in urban America. (We cannot say from personal observation, but we would guess from much of that which is reported to us by correspondents that the phenomenon is similar in other urban centers throughout the world — like Paris, London, Sydney, Rome, and so on).

The need not merely for “self-defense training”, but for deadly serious, absolutely ruthless, no-nonsense self-defense training and for thorough mental conditioning to cope with physical violence and danger, has never been felt so greatly as it is being felt today — in this 21st century.

Here are the six most conspicuous changes (for the worse) that we have personally seen occur over the preceding half century, in urban America:

1. All violent crime — from school bullying to mugging, to gang-related attacks, and so on — has taken on a senseless cruelty and sadistic flavor that, in the 1950’s and throughout much of the 1960’s, was extremely rare, and for the most part nonexistent.

Just recently the news in New York City reported a seventeen year old throwing a much younger and smaller boy off the roof of a five story tenement building. Miraculously, the poor child who was attacked lived. But as this is being written he is precariously close to death, and may not make it. The monster who committed the crime claims it was all a “mistake” and “unintentional”. This creature — at seventeen years of age — has already accumulated an impressive criminal record for violence and related antisocial conduct.

Recall the absolutely unforgivable and insanely evil attack by those subhuman predators on Brian Stow. Because Mr. Stow was a fan of a different ball team than his assailants, these subhuman beasts beat Mr. Stow into a state of permanent brain damage and disabling physical injury. Mr. Stow almost died.

The foregoing are two examples of the many thousands that could be cited, demonstrating an almost demonic nature to urban violence.

2. Firearms are commonly employed today, and of of course the punk’s old standby, i.e. the knife, is also used by violent types. (It is fascinating to note that when firearms were more freely and generally available to, and often carried and used by decent citizens, punks and street savages rarely dared to carry firearms! Predatory filth does not like it when victims can shoot back!).

Children in grade schools today often use weapons against their contemporaries. The school yard fist fight that we remember occurring with unfortunate regularity in the 1950’s and 60’s, has now been replaced by armed confrontations between botched and deranged youngsters, and the innocent kids that they steal from and physically abuse.

Rarely if ever do we hear of “strong arm” robberies today. Today, armed robberies — and assault for other reasons — is routine news in virtually every major city.

3. Multiple attackers is the norm today. In days gone by even bullies and other garbagy types regarded it as wrong to gang up on someone. Today, the predatory scum considers attacking in pairs and in pack — like feral dogs — to be just good common sense tactics. It’s done all the time.

4. Many attacks today are impersonal, apparently motiveless.

It is understandable — though certainly reprehensible and evil — when impulse-driven scum physically attacks and injures someone because a heated argument got out of hand. Or because one moron passed some inappropriate remark about another’s girlfriend, etc. No justification whatever, by any rational standard, for employing violence in such instances; yet one can perceive (an albeit absurdly irrational) “reason” for its occurrence.

The new urban phenomenon is attacking someone for no apparent reason . . . not even the flimsiest! It is “cool” amongst certain gutter animal types to just attack someone — anyone — simply because it’s “fun” to beat and stomp the person. People are attacked now by complete strangers who have no intention or desire to rob them and who have nothing personal against them; but these assailants just “feel like” attacking. Never before has it been so easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and to suffer violence at the hands of persons who do not know you, but who delight in beating or killing you.

5. Attackers of all types today are often highly experienced and completely unafraid of consequences.

The criminal justice system rarely does anything about truly atrocious violent crimes. The police make arrests, and the courts set the garbage free. All you need do to verify this yourself is check the news reports and note the often lengthy and extensive prior arrests and encounters with law enforcement that so many who have finally been charged with mayhem or murder have! Yet, the criminal justice system did nothing to remove these predatory monsters from civilized society when they first began to offend. Murderers rarely if ever are put to death any more. Many of them do not spend more than a few years in prison. A person acting in self-defense needs to be more concerned — and usually is — about legal consequences, than is the animal against whom he acted in self-defense.

Since violent offenders get to reoffend, thanks to a lenient legal system, they get good at it. And since they are so frequently exposed to the lukewarm “penal system” they lose any fear of incarceration that might have deterred them.

6. Home invasions, “wilding”, “flash mobbing”, driveby shootings, and carjacking are relatively recent additions to the repertoire of the predatory scum. Why? Because they have gone unchecked and they have been allowed to survive, and they have concluded that they can get away with anything

So what can we do about this?

The first and foremost thing that you should do is learn how to defend yourself! Nothing can protect you better than being able to physically stop an attacker, and being prepared technically, tactically, and mentally to do so without a moment’s hesitation.

If attending our school is not feasible for you, order our DVD Training Course. In order to prepare yourself mentally, open your eyes to the realities of urban violence, and mentally condition yourself to deal with it, should you ever need to do so. Our self-hypnosis programs can speedily reorient your psyche so that — should trouble come to you — you possess the confidence, non-hesitation, ferocity, and all round mindset to do it well.

Become a strong supporter of every private citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. It is clear and obvious that wherever citizens are free to go armed and to defend themselves, violent crime is minimal. We urge the lawful and responsible ownership and use of firearms. Criminals are never deterred by gun laws, and it is obvious that as gun restrictions become more stringent on the private citizenry violent crime rises and becomes more of a threat than ever.

Support law enforcement efforts in your community. Remember that it is not the police who turn violent offenders back on society, and it is not the police who determine what the laws regarding punishment for violent offenders will be. Police are law enforcers. They can and do go after law breakers, but when the courts neglect to render adequate punishments, there is nothing further that police can do.

Self-reliance is no longer the revered personal attribute that it once was. But self-defense depends upon self-reliance, and the more you expect “something to be done” about violent crime by others, the less anything will be done. You need to learn to rely upon your awareness, precautions, and — ultimately — your READINESS AND WILLINGNESS TO FIGHT BACK AND NOT BE VICTIMIZED — to protect yourself against violence in our society.

It is true that we “should not have to” defend ourselves against human predators in the cities where we live. But we do have to. So we’d better.