That’s What Guns Are For!

While not every grandmother can tote around a shooting iron quite so large as the one this wonderful lady is holding, she's surely an inspiration to seniors everywhere to obtain and carry what is most suitable to themselves!

While not every grandmother can tote around a shooting iron quite so large as the one this wonderful lady is holding, she’s surely an inspiration to seniors everywhere to obtain and carry what is most suitable to themselves!


WE note with rage and disgust that violent “knock out” and robbery attacks against the elderly have increased in frequency throughout urban America. We really could not imagine any punishment (including dismemberment or drawing and quartering) that would be sufficiently adequate for these scum who dare to lay hands upon more fragile, less powerful, and normally terrified persons who are their seniors . . . but alas, this breed of unconscionable living garbage exists and seems to flourish today. Would that they would all be exterminated.

Unarmed self-defense can be, and sometimes is, a great means of self-defense for seniors. There are numerous instances when, happily, crawling garbage that attempted to target a senior got its filthy head smashed in, or —— better yet —— was shot.

And that’s a critical point.

Every able-bodied senior should certainly avail him or herself of basic training in effective unarmed self-defense. However, two points need to be emphasized:

1. Unarmed self-defense may not always be adequate for a person who is on in years and who must contend with some overgrown lump of sewer excrement in its late teens or early 20’s (or older) who is in essence an agile, strong, conditioned gutter animal —— used to running from police, jumping fences, and getting into fights with its foul, stinking contemporaries.

2. Many seniors simply can’t acquire adequate capability with weaponless combat because of poor physical health or disability.

That’s what guns are for!

Aside from the fact that any scumbag who undertakes to brutalize an elderly person deserves to be shot, shooting such filth down is easier, safer, and much more intimidating to that class of muck and scum that considers seniors fair game than striking out with hands and feet. One blow or countering action might send a piece of street s—t running. The appearance of a gun in the hand of its intended victim almost surely will send the sewer rat scurrying (making shooting unnecessary). And in the case where sewer ratS confront the victim, shooting one of them is likely to be quite sufficient to convince the remaining bipedal manure that it has made a poor target selection that day, and send them running back to their hovels.

Some seniors might think that being able to handle a sidearm well is a complicated procedure and is dangerous. Well, it is dangerous —— to the living pestilence they may need to shoot. But learning real (not competition) handgun shooting is easy and simple; and the skill is readily retainable. Every elderly citizen should consider learning firearm handling and safety (very easy to learn), and then purchasing a quality firearm and making that weapon a constant companion. (Laws vary, and in some locations it is all but impossible to obtain a handgun and concealed weapon permit. Frankly, we’d recommend moving to a safer place. You can be certain that where firearms are readily available to private citizens, attacks against them are very few and far between. Always obey the law, and if you do happen to live in some benighted place where you have to go through numerous hoops and pay outrageous fees in order to exercise your right to keep and bear arms, go through the hassle, if necessary with the help of a good attorney. It is that important).

One would not choose to live where there is a much higher risk to his life, and to the lives of his loved ones, from much rarer forms of deadly danger than brutal physical attacks. So, our personal advice if push comes to shove is: Get thee and thine to a saner, safer, more reasonable city where owning and keeping that which could easily mean the difference between living and dying for you is easy and allowable. Live out your full measure of years in safety, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, even when you are 80, you possess the means of dropping a 20 year old, 230 pound predator who practices MMA in his damn tracks, should he attempt to endanger your life.

Our philosophy of self-defense —— just like our System, American Combato —— is comprehensive, complete, and realistic. We espouse armed and unarmed defense, just as we espouse security practices and personal protection principles that involve good tactics and strategies and technology, often making the use of any force unnecessary (which we always hope, strive, pray, and train for). However, when there is no option but to act decisively and violently —— or be maimed or killed —— we advocate the finest means possible to do just that, with NO APOLOGIES.

Our students are trained to use and to do what works most effectively to save innocent life. And often, in the case of those who are on in years, what ought to be used, and what works best, is a weapon. There are many that we teach, but the powerful, well-made, well-mastered semiautomatic pistol or revolver is the ultimate tool of personal defense. All decent persons who can do so legally should avail themselves of this self-defense option. After all, that’s what guns are for.