Eyes, Ears, Nose, And Throat


NO, we are not referring to a medical specialty. We are zeroing in on a very important selection of targets from amongst the fifteen or so that you ought to be seriously concerned with attacking in any dangerous emergency. A vicious, powerful attack using the element of surprise, your best natural weapons, and immediate followup will almost certainly assure your victory in an encounter.

We emphasize followup as we do because the circumstance of an actual situation might prevent you from launching a “perfect” —— full power, absolutely accurate —— attack to what theoretically should be a one-hit stop (under ideal conditions), but which will often fall short of its potential capability.

You can count upon attacks to any of those four targets, even if delivered with less than full power, being disorienting to the recipient. And this opens up the opportunity for followup using optimum force in continued attack with whatever weapons and targets suggest themselves.


Attack the eyes with the extended four fingers of either hand. Thrust, using as much force as possible. Do not telegraph! Just shoot your hand forward into the adversary’s eyes, striving when you do so to drive your fingers through the back of his head. Or, you may employ the Fairbairn method of fingertips jabbing in which the fingers are braced,  forming the hand into a kind of “cobra’s head” position, and whipped in an arc into the opponent’s eyes and nose bridge.

The tiger’s claw thrust is also a good way to attack the eyes. A modified version of the tiger’s claw may be used by raising the elbow of your chin-jabbing hand after contact, and planting your fingers in a claw-like action in his eyes.

We do not recommend attempting to thrust one finger into an eye as this requires what may be under combat conditions too fine a motor move. If gouging the eyes with the thumbs —— very close in —— then each thumb may individually rip into each eye; but this is only when you are very close in.

Thumb gouging is an excellent technique.

Additionally, it is extremely effective to jab with any item-in-hand (umbrella, end of walking stick, tree branch, mini flashlight, pen, etc.) into an enemy’s eyes. Throwing sunglasses, sand, dirt, coins, handkerchief, cup of coffee, hat, etc. into the opponent’s eyes and then following up with a side kick to his knee or a front kick to his testicles is a great tactic.

Go after your attacker’s eyes!


The ears are incredibly vulnerable. They may be boxed with cupped hands from the front or from behind the adversary. One hand may be used effectively to box an ear —— and with follow through the boxing hand is then cocked for a return-action handaxe chop to the temple or neck.

By using a “bow and arrow” type action after seizing both of an adversary’s ears, at least one ear may be ripped off his head. Seizing both ears you can butt the opponent’s face, knee his testicles, or yank his head to waist level and knee him in the face.

The ear can be an entry point for a knife stab.

Grabbing one ear and then powerfully chin-jabbing an adversary will likely rip the ear off.

Bite! You may simply bite off a large part or the whole of an ear.

The ear is is vulnerable to a hard smack using the open hand, or to a blow with a stick.


A handaxe chop across the bridge of the nose or directly up and under the nose (into the philtrum) is perhaps the most destructive way to attack the nose.

Any straight on blow to an opponent’s nose (elbow, fist, heel of hand, head butt, hammerfist) will invariably disorient him, and may stop him. It will always result in sufficient disorientation so that followup of a much more devastating kind can be administered.

An upward heel-of-the-hand blow (i.e. chinjab) into the base of the nose is very effective. (This blow cannot “drive the nose bones into the brain”. That myth is still spread in some backward quarters).

Ripping and clawing the nostrils or driving a finger (or something sharp) deep into a nostril can be effective in close-in combat.

A hammerfist smash down on the bridge of the nose is a terrific blow.


Not only the throat per se, but the entire neck area —— both sides, throat area (from base to underside of jaw), and nape of neck —— is a very vulnerable section of the body. In a serious, life-threatening emergency attack the windpipe and attack it with all of the force you can muster.

Handaxe chops to the throat, sides of neck, or nape of neck are effective. Hammerfist blows to the nape of neck are also effective, as are forearm smashes, and in some instances downward elbow blows.

But the throat per se is —— for vital combat —— the real key target to go for.

Using the fingers in a tong-like manner to encircle and lock the  windpipe (as high up under the jaw as possible, avoiding the powerful neck muscles) is a great technique.

If you extend your fingers and press them together you can use a fingertips thrust to the throat with good effect. Even better is a half-fist thrust driving the second knuckles into the windpipe or larynx.

Like the eyes the throat is very vulnerable to a sharp thrust with any object, and/or to a blow with a club or stick. Stabbing into or slashing the throat with a knife is always effective.

Eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Four outstanding targets to zero in on and destroy in any deadly emergency when you must fight to save your or another’s life.


But if or when an unavoidable situation arises when you must take desperate action or be maimed or killed, use these skills with every measure of strength, rage, speed, determination, fury, and resolve that you possess. And keep on attacking!

With any luck at all, you should prevail.