Off The Deep End!

MARTIAL arts has not only declined immensely in quality in general in the United States, it has of late become buffoonish in some circles! It was bad enough when the fiction of competition-and-ground-fighting-as-real-combat- and-defense took hold of the room temperature IQ’s and enjoined these gullibles to take up competition and to focus on ground grappling if they wished to be “really” prepared for “real”(?) combat. Utter nonsense. We now note, however, thanks to feedback from a correspondent, that matches have been held between BJJ experts and Bodybuilders . . . apparently to discredit “mere muscle” and to show that a person versed in the fighting sport of BJJ can overcome someone not so versed, but merely well-developed strength and muscle-wise. Well, duh, the only ones who will be impressed or enlightened by that bit of BULLSHIT are those simpletons who haven’t figured out that such moronicness is commercialized showmanship of the lowest and most misleadingly dishonest kind!

What the hell does being a bodybuilder per se have to do with fighting? It is no more logical to place a bodybuilder in a contest (what “contest”?) with a BJJ black belt than it would be to place a school bus driver in a “contest” of driving skills with a protective service (bodyguard) high performance driver. Actually, that idiocy might make more sense! At least the contestants are both drivers!

Would you be impressed if a professional boxer defeated an unskilled bodybuilder? Or if a karate expert did? Or if a wrestler did? Or a judo man? Or a fencer? or an expert kick boxer? Or even a hardened street fighter?

If any of those ridiculous “contests” resulting in an obvious win by the trained fighter (regardless of what form of fighting he employed) and thus convinced you that “strength wasn’t necessary” and that “muscular development and power are not needed for personal combat” you would have established that you likely have the intelligence of a sand flea. What crap!

Ask yourself this simple question:

“If the bodybuilder in any of these ‘contests’ also had the technical fighting skill level of the black belt or expert in addition to his power and muscular development, who would win?” (Not “Who do you think would win?” because it is a certainty. All other things being equal, the stronger person wins. Fact. Absolute. Incontrovertible  —— except among fools who want ti believe horseshit.) The “contest” between the fighter and bodybuilder is STUPID, DISHONEST, MISLEADING BULLSHIT. Why not “challenge” a BJJ fellow to a weight lifting contest?  Would that prove that BJJ is useless, when the bodybuilder out-lifted the black belt?

We ask none of these questions, save rhetorically. We assume that those with basic intelligence see the truth here. So, if you disagree, and if your keeper has let you out of your cell and given you time to answer our questions, do not bother to submit your retarded commentary. Your email will be SPAMMED when it is received. We cannot relate to people who, in essence, probably require a booklet of instructions when they purchase toilet paper.

While we’re on this particular subject, here’s another thing that really should be mentioned regarding the “bodybuilder” question:

It is common knowledge that many serious bodybuilders take jobs as “doormen” or bouncers. With little besides their raw strength and a rough-and-ready attitude, these bodybuilders do fairly well in handling typical, unskilled aggressors and belligerents. This in no way provides an endorsement for developing muscles and strength as being any kind of total or complete program per se for self-defense. However, it does provide evidence that in the real world, since statistically likely opponents in nearly any encounter will not be accomplished fighters, overwhelming strength often suffices quite well for those who possess it, in order to stop their hostile conduct.

A n d . . . in the real world . . . if a well-developed bodybuilder lashed out by surprise with a full power punch to a BJJ black belt’s jaw (outside of any predetermined “contest”, “match”, or “bout”) the almost certain result would be an instant knockout and a probable broken jaw for the black belt. An actual all-out attack by a 220-pound plus bodybuilder in his 20’s or 30’s against a BJJ black belt (again, outside the context of an agreed-upon match — by surprise) might see a BJJ black belt snatched up off the ground and smashed into a brink wall or  into the ground —— head first.

“But,” you say “isn’t all of this no less true in regard to anyone or any expert or black belt in anything?

“YES! absolutely. However no one, nor any ‘expert’ in anything but BJJ/MMA/UFC has stupidly, irrelevantly, absurdly, and misleadingly ‘challenged’ or promoted any ridiculous ‘contest’  between himself or one of his colleagues and a bodybuilder under the literally insane idea that the BJJ man’s victory would somehow demonstrate the uselessness of muscles and great strength —— or of bodybuildingS T U P I D.  

D U M B.


P.S. Our caustic remarks, we hope our visitors understand, are directed only toward those who deserve them. We fully appreciate that the majority of those reading our material are not gullible, brainwashed, propagandized half-wits.