A Quick Lesson In Developing Mental 

                      Readiness For Self-Defense

These are the things that make a violent offender; they are also the the things that make a violent offender dangerous:

1. Internal rage; unresolved hatreds, resentment of others, dissatisfaction, pervasive anger.

2. Absence of compassion, empathy, sympathy, or feeling for others

3. Intense sensitivity to what he perceives to be disrespect

4. No feeling for the humanity and life of another person. Indifference to others’ well-being, suffering, right to life

5. Real satisfaction and often pleasure in hurting, subjugating, and terrorizing others; and delight in injuring and stealing from them through the use of force

6. If  a psychopath, then no conscience whatever regarding injuring or killing others

    If not a psychopath, a primary desire to get away with his actions despite any inklings of conscience; resentment toward any pursuers or punishers

7. In most cases he has acquired perhaps unskilled or crude acts of violence against others, and had no hesitation about injuring or killing them on impulse, with not a tremor of consideration or “ascertaining” that such violence is even partially justifiable

8. No respect for the law or convention, or commonly held standards of appropriate behavior; unconcern about obtaining, carrying, and using firearms regardless of what the law or local ordinances decree

Decent people who come to the study of self-defense are as unlike the violent offenders against whom they seek to acquire reliable defense skills as a domesticated dog is different than a wolf. There may be a surface similarity between the two, but there the likeness ends!

For many decent people the very thought of seriously injuring or killing another person —— even in overwhelmingly justifiable, legal self-defense —— is traumatizing; and even while becoming reasonably adept at the mechanics of armed and unarmed personal defense, these people never acquire the mindset and mental conditioning necessary to actually USE what they have acquired —— for real, and when necessary.

Mental conditioning and the combat mindset determine that the person who has learned self-defense will use it.

There have been many instances when people trained in martial arts have frozen and done nothing when the need for them to use what they had acquired arose. Confronting the creature that is a violent offender is unlike confronting training buddies or a professional teacher, and despite his training the student who has learned self-defense remains unready to confront the “wolf”.

Effective and reliable mental conditioning for self-defense and close combat is possible. We have been doing it successfully with all sorts of good people for decades now. It is integral to our unarmed and armed combat instruction (American Combato [Jen•Do•Tao]). As a trained and licensed hypnotherapist for 30 years we have produced a comprehensive set of self-hypnosis CDs that cover all aspects and facets of mental conditioning for close combat and defense emergencies. As a professional instructor of combat arts for 50 years+ we have developed a unique method of group class instruction that conditions students’ minds for combat, as well as their bodies.

Presently, we wish to explain in simple terms what is necessary in order to be fully prepared mentally to use the combat-defense techniques that you learn. Providing you are training in a modern, viable, true combat system, proper mental readiness will do the rest!

Reread the list of eight things that characterize the violent offender. You don’t have them, do you? In fact you almost certainly don’t number anyone who does have them among your friends, do you?

Therein lies a big part of your problem: The very things that make the offender dangerous, and that drive you to be concerned about being able to defend against him stem from the fact that you DO NOT HAVE A SET OF SIMILAR CHARACTERISTICS, AND SO THE OFFENDER TRUMPS YOUR DECENT, “NORMAL” ATTITUDE AND APPROACH TO LIFE. HE – THE OFFENDER – POSSESSES THAT WHICH YOU NEED TO ACQUIRE.

Let us clarify:

You certainly do not want or need to revise your character and mental attitude so that you are an approximation of the violent offender, in general. However, you do need to understand fully the wild beast’s (i.e. the offender’s) mindset AND ADOPT IT IN REGARD TO THE VIOLENT OFFENDER. In other words, transform yourself so that you ————

— Have a hateful, white-hot, burning rage and resentment toward violent criminal offenders

— Abolish and rid yourself 100% of compassion, humanity, empathy, care, sympathy, forbearance, and even basic human decency insofar as every violent offender —— from bully to terrorist —— is concerned. That category of human debris merits no more consideration than the AIDS virus. It is to be extinguished, and given no more consideration than a roach on a picnic table

— Elevate your sensitivity to approaching danger by cultivating mistrust, suspicion, and extreme wariness in regard to all whom you do not know, personally. You can be polite. You can be respectful on the surface. But always be prepared for any stranger to pose a dangerous threat. The, when and if a stranger ever does, you will not be shocked; you will be ready

Ruthless disregard, and an utterly merciless, savage, and brutal attitude must be cultivated and maintained toward all who would harm you or yours. Be fully decent and caring toward others who are decent and caring; but drop your humanity the very second that you realize you are dealing with a dangerous predator. As was shouted to our troops as they departed for Europe in world war one: GIVE ‘EM HELL!

— Do not avoid or deny cultivating a sense of supreme satisfaction at winning over and destroying a predator. Why ought you not derive satisfaction from ruining some scum who would —— purely to delight himself —— ruin you?

— Get it finally and forever into your head that the violent offender and not you is responsible for whatever damages he suffers as a result of your successfully crushing him and his unprovoked attack against you. If he is crippled for life, or dies, well, he asked for it. You were simply protecting yourself. No need to care, or to give a damn in the least

WORK AND TRAIN INCESSANTLY IN THE FINEST WAR-PROVEN COMBAT SKILLS KNOWN! BUILD A COMBATIVE SUPERIORITY that enables you, when you must, to tower over any scumbag offender who endangers your life and well-being. Be able to do things that he has no idea of; that he has no idea that you can do. Be ready to instantly overwhelm and beat your attacker —— even as he would beat you —— without mercy, relentlessly, and finally. Let him suffer a retaliation on the spot that leaves him KAPUT!

— While you should normally be scrupulous about obedience to the law, careful not to disregard decency and local ordinances, an emergency situation must be dealt with by EXPEDIENCY so as to insure your victory. There is real wisdom in the popular saying: “Better tried by twelve than carried by six”. First comes your or your loved ones’ safety, security, and protection. Violent bastards and street scum either have no regard whatever for the law, or they “worry about it later” after devastating a victim. To damn hell with them. When they intrude into your life, they get destroyed.

Granted, some will find transitioning from a “decent person” to a “decent person who is well able to deal with indecent scum a serious challenge. DO IT ANYWAY. You really do owe it to yourself and to all who you love and care for; and to all who love and care for you.

Study proven combat skills.

Make sure that you’re ready, willing, and able to use them if you ever must.

Our self-hypnosis programs can help you if you feel that you need help, and are not one of our personal students. Maybe you can manage it on your own. But get it done.

One day you and everyone important to you may say a prayer of thanks that we led you —— perhaps “nudged you” —— to do so.