Something To Think Seriously About

IN a way you could say that this is the foundational prerequisite of proper mental conditioning for close combat and self-defense. It also may at first blush seem to be something very obvious or easily dismissed and taken for granted. Please believe us ––– it is not necessarily obvious, and it must not be taken for granted.

We are speaking of the conviction in your mind that yes, indeed, violent aggression may come to you. If you shrug and say “Well naturally I know that; that’s why I train in self-defense skills and why I read and study the subject,” we must point out that a great deal of evidence exists that points to the likelihood that many people who train in martial arts do not in their heart of hearts truly accept, understand, feel, and believe that a serious, life-threatening attack by one or more deadly felons actually ever could be in their future. They may say that they believe it, but study of the facts points to the possibility that they may well be amongst that large number of private citizens, soldiers, and law enforcement officers who ––– at the deepest level, do not believe it.

So . . . what makes us say this, and where is there any evidence of its being true?

In our decades of research and study, which of course includes speaking with and/or reading the after-action reports of military and police professionals and private citizens who have spent considerable time, energy, and money learning self-defense both with and without weapons, we note that in more than half the cases the individuals state that they “couldn’t believe what was happening”, “it didn’t seem real”, “I felt like time slowed down and I was living a bad dream”, “nothing felt real” “I just could not believe that this guy was pulling a knife (or gun)”, “it didn’t feel real when he went to punch me (or whatever aggressive action the assailant took), and so on. Black belt experts, seasoned street cops, trained military men . . . all are among those who ––– we’d say very obviously ––– were not convinced that the awful reality of a dangerous physical attack against them would ever “really” come to them.

Psychologically this is not too much of a surprise. It is a well known phenomenon that the overwhelming majority of soldiers who go into wartime combat do not really expect to die. And yet the possibility (indeed, in some instances, the probability of not emerging from an engagement in wartime combat is often incontestably present).

Ferociously realistic training and mental indoctrination can change this and increase the fighting man’s understanding of the reality of a deadly threat, and thus make him better prepared to deal with it; but the reality of this is rare. During WWII one of the absolute fiercest and most hardened and mentally conditioned units was the USMC’s Raiders. Interestingly, although the Raiders were routinely outnumbered by the Japanese troops that they fought, and the regular infantry marines were often not outnumbered, there were fewer losses percentage-wise amongst the Raiders than there was amongst the regular infantry. Years ago a former USMC Raider ––– a veteran of the Makin Island Raid ––– told us: “We were ready to die if death came, and we knew the Japs were ready to kill us. So we attacked and killed them because we knew that this was it; it was real, and we had one chance and one job to do.” We did clean up the grammar a bit, but we report the essence of the statement made to us. Please note: “. . . we knew the Japs were ready to kill us . . .” We have no doubt that this acceptance of exactly how great and real a threat they faced accounted for their incredible success and their comparatively small loss of men. When you know, understand, believe, and appreciate the reality and nature of exactly what you are facing you have the greatest chance dealing with it effectively.

And that’s the point we wish to hammer home. More precisely, we want you to “hammer it home” ––– into your subconscious mind, your motor nerves, and your reflexes!
It can come to you.

Naturally we hope that violence never intrudes upon our lives and the lives of those we love. But as students of self-defense we are “switched on” to the reality that the world we live in is hardly one big Disneyland. We realize that when we are out and about in that ocean of humanity out there wherever we work, attend school, go for recreation, seek to enjoy time with those we love, etc., we will not always or necessarily encounter some friendly Charlie The Tuna; it may well be JAWS, and because we anticipate this possibility occurring one day, we will not be taken by surprise if it happens. We will be ready. We will not experience, when that awful moment arrives and some worthless, subhuman scumbag suddenly comes at us, that state of bewilderment expressed by the words, “I can’t believe this! This can’t be happening to me!” We will instead react with a mindset that knew this occurrence was always possible, and that now commands us to bring into play those techniques and skills that we have worked so hard and long to develop.

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Just know and do not ever forget that we live in a world that is neither safe nor friendly. Disgracefully, one of the more hideous dangers that we humans all face is the danger of being attacked physically by self-inducedly inhuman members of our own species ––– i.e. dangerous, despicable, predatory savages. The death toll from scummy excuses for “people” who kill their own kind (unlike, we note with raised eyebrows, creatures in the animal kingdom who do not attack and kill members of their own species!) is akin to the death tolls from some dread diseases.

One day, if mankind ever survives this insane-asylum-masquerading-as-human-society, our mentality and morality will have risen to the point where we cease to tolerate predation by members of our species, and we react to them when they surface as we react to rabid, feral rats. But that day appears to be a long way off, if indeed it ever comes.

But adjusting the attitude of human society is not and need not ever be thought of as your or our individual concern. JUST WORK ON YOUR PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL ATTITUDE, AND YOUR MINDSET; AND BEGIN BY REALIZING THAT THAT WHICH YOU ARE TRAINING TO COPE WITH MAY IN FACT ONE DAY REALLY COME TO YOU.