Interesting And Perhaps Useful New Product

WE detest non-lethal weapons. Criminals almost never concern themselves with anything resembling “non-lethal” weaponry, preferring to stab, slash, club, or shoot their innocent victims, and to hell with whether or not they die or are maimed for life. So . . . we believe in returning the attention ––– in triplicate! SHOOT, STAB, OR CLUB the scummy bacteria to death if you have to save your life; never mind showing concern, compassion, or restraint.

There may well be a use for non-lethal aids to vicious defensive measures, however. For example, we believe it wise to carry a handful of gravel in your outer pocket. Throwing it in an aggressor’s face will not likely stop him; but it sure sets the scum up for whatever the hell savagery you are thereafter able to unleash upon him!

Another device that might hold some promise (although more expensive than gravel) is a product called “Safesound Personal Alarm”. It is a very convenient-sized little item that can be carried constantly, and is easily set off in an emergency with practically no effort. It produces a deafening 125 decibal blast that, emitted suddenly, will shock anyone save the totally deaf.

Now we do NOT advocate such a device as a “self-defense weapon”. We are prepared to consider it a possible AID to self-defense.

All students of self-defense and martial arts are familiar with the idea of shouting loudly as you defend yourself (called “kiai” ––– pronounced key’-eye) In order to shock and startle ––– and possibly freeze ––– the attacker. We urge it (as well as growling and grimacing) in American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao). Well, you can imagine the shock to one or more lumps of street sh–t when, suddenly, a piercing blast erupts from apparently nowhere, AND THEY ARE AT THE SAME INSTANT SAVAGELY ATTACKED, either with the defender’s weapon or with his trained bare hands! No doubt the loud blast will be a great help to the defender if the scum against whom he employs it do not see any indication of his bringing it into use. The seconds of utter shock and amazement that are sure to occur should tip the scales instantly in favor of the defender who accompanies the piercing noise with crippling offensive actions. The noise could easily provide the defender the opportunity to produce a concealed handgun if he is lawfully armed, or possibly a knife. Smashing the lout-scum with a walking stick immediately should be easy if they freeze for a moment when the loud noise shocks them. (Saves your voice and vocal cords, too. No need to kiai!!! Besides, with a 125 decibal blast your kiai wouldn’t be heard! Ha!).

Once again, we simply wish to suggest the possibility that this device may be useful. We certainly do not recommend it as one’s only recourse if attacked. That is false confidence in a very harmless device. To ASSIST in disorienting and setting one’s attacker/s up for a savage and destructive counteroffensive, YES. That is quite another matter. The “Safesound Personal Alarm” deserves to be considered for this function.

Loud noise is a pain in the ass. It can be much more . . . so think it over. You can check online for the product if it interests you.
Note: This product appears to have great appeal to females. We certainly agree that the piercing noise might assist in creating a diversion during an attack. However, just as is the case with males, it is STUPID and DANGEROUS to think that the noise alone will provide a certain defense against one or more determined attackers. Women armed with a solid ability in unarmed defense and who have a handgun available to them in a crisis will be prepared . . . or at least realistically prepared. It is wise to counsel any female (spouse, mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend) to this effect before allowing her to place her full confidence in a noise.