The Fair Play Trap

FAIR play is fine so long as you are playing. However, self-defense is no game, sport, or friendly competition.It is a battle for survival! And unless a student comes firmly to grips with this irrevocable fact, he will be less than fully equipped to defend himself, protect his family, and deal with the predatory scum that comprises a percentage of the human species.

While we certainly recognize anyone’s perfect right to participate in whatever sport he wishes, we take exception to the widespread notion that the sport of UFC or MMA is related to the war that is a self-defense emergency. Participation in the MMA, the UFC, competitive karate, judo contests, boxing, wrestling, etc., while certainly providing a serious and advanced competitor who is in hard training a set of tools that he can normally adopt to a real emergency, does not prepare a person fully for real close combat. Combat is a separate phenomenon and must be addressed as such if the student’s goal is personal defense, and he has no interest in sport, whatever.

One of the problems with attempting to prepare for self-defense by participating in sport is that fair play ––– i.e. decency and good sportsmanship ––– is (and must be) inculcated into every participant. And it is a fact that, under great stress, a person reverts to that which he has most deeply embedded into his motor memory and psyche. This does not mean that a sportsman will deliberately reduce his level of reaction to a deadly attack. Rather, his constant training in adhering, when fighting, to the appropriate body of rules and regulations that attend his sport, will incline him sharply to follow those rules and to obey those regulations in combat, unconsciously. In a situation, for example, where some street punk confronts the sportsman and assumes a stance, it would be quite natural for the sportsman to assume the stance that he is accustomed to. In reality, a far better reaction is immediate attack; violently blasting into the street punk while he is the process of assuming his “stance”. However, his conditioning from contests and sport would mitigate severely against the likelihood of his doing that. He will do, instead, what his conditioning and experience have taught him to do.

The sportsman is in a “fair play trap”. The ethical consideration that is a necessary and valid and indispensable part of any and all competitive fighting is completely out of place when an emergency obliges the individual to defend himself.

You can have a sport, or you can have a combat method. But you cannot have both in the same system, no matter how much popularity or popular bullshit is behind the idea that you can.

Our focus is and always has been on close combat and self-defense. If that is your objective, and your concern, then read, study, and memorize the following precepts:

1.   There is no correlation between any form of sport and real combat.

In a sport the idea is to win in a certain allowable, prescribed way. In combat/self-defense the idea is to WIN, period.

2.   Embrace the dirtiest, foulest, most unfair methods for self-defense ––– and do so with great enthusiasm. These are the techniques that work under extreme, life-threatening conditions when anything goes for personal protection. 

3.   Fighting (i.e. “mutual combat”) is stupid, dangerous, and ––– except in a sporting form in which consenting adults participate ––– always avoidable. The need to defend yourself is not always avoidable, and as an unwilling participant in the battle you must never restrict yourself to any rules or forebearance.

4.   Objectively speaking, of course, any attack that is initiated against a passive individual is a “dirty”, “unfair”, “unsporting”, “foul” action. Even if an attacker elects to attack by employing only certain sporting-type actions, the fact that he is doing so against an unwilling participant and not a fellow competitor makes him a predatory beast deserving of no mercy, fairness, ethics, consideration, compassion, decency, or concern. You owe such a beast nothing.

5.   Whatever harm or damage or injury or loss any attacker suffers, he bears 100% full responsibility for it. An intended victim who resists the attacker is responsible for nothing. (This is a principle of reason and justice; it may not be reflected in the law).

6.   Your attacker will never hesitate to do to you what you might be hesitant about doing to him. Ponder this deeply and consider how important it is to eliminate any hesitation whatever when reacting fiercely to any violent criminal attack.

7.  Police officers and those in similar occupations may need to employ arrest and control skills. You do not need or want this bullshit. You want decisive, destructive skills that stop strong, determined human aggressors in their tracks. As a private citizen you have no responsibility to arrest or to control an offender.

8.   Your life is more important than your attacker’s life. He (the attacker) has, as far as you are concerned, signed his resignation from the human race the moment he decided to pose an unwarranted danger to you.

9.   Weapons, despite the stupidity and hysteria so commonly heard today, are highly desirable and important tools. Firearms, edged weapons, and bludgeoning weapons are all a part of a comprehensive self-defense repertoire. Going beyond the obvious value of being armed when confronting armed aggression, there is the reality of weapons often being needed to equalize. Multiple attackers, much younger and stronger assailants, a defender’s having medical conditions that prevent him from using his hands and feet well enough to defend himself, etc. are important reasons why weaponry must be an important part of comprehensive self-defense preparation.

10.  Finally, please remember something that we first pointed out in the early 1970’s:


Summing Up . . .

You have every right to go to war when you are attacked and defend yourself with ruthless disregard for the attacker. No matter what bullshit may be believed or accepted, it is the initiator of unjustifiable violence who bears full responsibility for whatever damages he or others may suffer as a result of defensive action being taken against him, not to mention whatever damages his intended victim may suffer. No tactic is too foul, dirty, or unfair that a defender should hesitate to employ it in self-defense. You owe nothing to anyone who initiates violence against you, unjustifiably. Do not remain in the “fair play trap” . . . as only the living scum who choose to prey upon the innocent benefit from anyone’s insistence upon being fair and ethical.