We’re Missing Something Today

IN a very real sense we long for at least some aspects of the “good old days”.

It seems that our culture and that of others whose roots may be said to be in the tradition of Western Civilization, have become genuinely wimpified. America, for instance, used to have a War Department. Now it is the “Department of Defense”. Cold blooded murderers, once convicted in a court of law, were once executed. Now, with rare exceptions, they are given the sentence(?) of three life sentences, for instance ––– to be served concurrently, of course. This weak attempt to placate fools by appearing to punich human demons severely ––– but not punishing them adequately, at all ––– passes for “justice” today.

And this bullshit can be felt in the field of self-defense, too.

A hue and cry can always be heard whenever a law enforcement officer justifiably shoots a violent felon. The Officer shouldn’t have killed him! But when a felon shoots a police officer, the killer’s apologists come out from under their rocks and snivel in protest against condemning and severely prosecuting the bastard. We all should wring our hands and “understand” that this murdering scumbag was “deprived” or for some other specious “reason” he was driven to his act of desperation.

Violent felons get all the guns and knives they want ––– and they are using them as freely as they wish in virtually every once-civilized city in Western society ––– and they are not shot down immediately as they should be (by cops and citizens, alike), but instead continue their unconscionable careers until finally someone (thank God!) brings their activities ––– and them ––– to an end. Decent citizens are often either prevented by law from carrying and using guns in legitimate (and desperately necessary) self-protection, or so persecuted by the system when and if they do use lawfully owned and carried firearms, that they, the decent citizens, feel inhibited and reluctant to defend themselves justifiably.

Self-defense without weapons (unarmed combat) is the most desperate and primitive form of self-defense. The private citizen who finds himself confronting one or more sewer beasts with only the weapons given him by nature to rely upon for defense, is in deep trouble ––– even if an expert in combatives. First, because his attackers almost certainly will be armed, and second, because he might face civil if not criminal persecution if he handles the predicament well. (Our sick, backward, brainless, gender-confused, pussified, dopey populace bristles whenever a bad guy gets his worthless head beaten in, or is otherwise maimed or even killed by his intended victim. The damn morons feel more “pure” and “righteous” when they hold a candlelight vigil for an innocent victim of murder!

Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Our societal focus is wrong. Sensible individuals know this, and they prepare and decide to do what is necessary regardless of the prevailing idiotic sentiments, but there are fewer and fewer sensible individuals in our culture with every year that passes. And it is wrong that their fear of trouble from “the system” is added to their concern about protecting against human violation.

Car thievery is a virtual sport in many places. Why? Because our idiotic system turns its back on the long since proven solution to the theft of a person’s means of transportation. That solution was formulated and carried out in the Old West. Horse thieves were hanged! No, this didn’t eliminate horse thievery completely. However, it came very close. It discouraged all but the most antisocial and crazy from daring to steal a man’s means of transportation (which in many instances was, as it is now, his means of survival and earning a living). It also eliminated the problem of recidivism. Horse thieves, murderers, bank robbers, and assorted other egregious felons had their careers ended when they were caught the first time. The scum swung from a rope . . . and his last violent crime was HIS LAST! (In Seattle one must be convicted of seven automobile thefts before doing a day in jail!!!!!!!! Maybe that first theft could not have been prevented. But the subsequent six certainly could have been. Rope is real cheap. No electric bill. No gas bill. No bill for pharmaceuticals. Those cowboys knew something!)

Our belief is that every decent human being has a perfect right to self-defense. And our System, American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) is designed and intended to teach him how to exercise that right.

Whie some regard a harsh approach to dealing with unprovoked criminal violence as “cruel”, “antiquated”, or “unjustified”, we believe that only those with rocks in their heads could possibly believe this, and we enjoin all of those with anything above a room temperature IQ to think this matter through, and come to the realization that violent offenders have no right to exist among us, and there can be no reaction to attempted murderer’s approach that is “too severe”. Children should be encouraged to despise and to physically defend themselves against bullies in school, and adults should acquire the backbone and intestinal fortitude of our grandfathers and great grandfathers! Every man and every woman, to whatever extent is possible, should acquire the means of mental and physical preparedness for self-defense and for the protection of those whom they love.

Correct muddled thinking. It is the victim who deserves compassion, sympathy, help, and support. The violent offender deserves to walk into a buzzsaw, fiiguratively speaking, whenever he dares to endanger an innocent individual. From the schoolyard bully to the well-trained international terrorist, the answer is one that, as a culture and declining society, we have been avoiding to an increasing degree for decades now: DO NOT TOLERATE VIOLATION OR THREATS, BUT BUILD CONFIDENCE AND SKILL, AND LEARN TO REWARD ANYONE WHO WOULD INJURE YOU WITH FIFTY TIMES THE HORROR AND DESTRUCTION THAT HE WOULD BRING TO YOU.

You have a right to life, and you have a corollary right to defend that life; and we would add, to do so in whatever effective manner you can apply, and that you choose to employ.

What we are missing today is the conviction that the person who violates our rights has no damn right to any concern for his rights. He relinquished his rights when he chose to violate another’s. The onus of responsibility for whatever damages any violent felon suffers  ––– whether at the hands of a private citizen, or at the hands of a police officer ––– lies with the felon.

This attitude is foundational for all who wish to be solidly prepared to defend themselves. If you don’t have it, make it your business to rethink your philosophy and acquire it.