In sport one strives to win in a certain way. In combat one just strives to win.

There was a time in our Nation’s history when kicking was regarded  as “dirty fighting”. We personally have always considered such a notion as “dirty fighting” to be absurd. This is because we never held any view of fighting per se as being any kind of sporting event. We never had any interest in sport, and our only reason for coming to the martial arts as a child was our desire to learn self-defense.

When, as was often the case during our childhood, we observed bullies starting up with their victims, we could not fathom how or why, in the few happy instances when the intended victims fought back, they were expected to do so by fighting “fair”. In our own mind we were convinced then, as we are even more strongly convinced today, that any individual who starts trouble fully deserves to be dealt with in any way his would-be victim chooses to deal with him. Fairness is for games and for sports.

As a child we saw no problem with a bully being maimed or mangled, and as an adult we do not see any problem with it. It is the victim of a troublemaker — and not the troublemaker, himself — who merits sympathy and compassion. To damn hell with troublemakers and bullies.

Ruthlessness — or that attitude which has always come naturally to us, when considering how to deal with unprovoked violence and predatory individuals — is a very difficult concept and principle for many to accept. For some really odd reason, there is an inclination in many decent people to falsely accept the notion that by being ruthlessly violent when dealing with an assailant, they are somehow “being as bad as, or worse than the assailant”. As a decent and civilized human being, many seem to believe, there is an obligation upon one not to “sink to the level of a violent offender”. Can you just imagine what would have happened if, during the second world war, the allied powers had bought this line of claptrap and actually endeavored to implement it, while the axis powers proceeded to conquer the world? Thank heaven our Nation – and each of the targeted Western European nations, too — was healthy and rational enough then to appreciate the difference between aggressor and defender. We went into WWII to win; and to win at any cost. We chucked the rules, tossed fair play aside, and took off the gloves. Had we not done so, we would have stood no chance against the savage and ruthless enemy that we faced.

Here is our definition of  “ruthlessness” for self-defense:

“The speedy, brutal, unhesitant application of merciless violence of the foulest and most unscrupulous kind, disregarding all concern for how badly the attacker is injured, so long as the attacker is STOPPED, and so long as one PREVAILS and avoids serious injury, oneself.”

Honestly now, is your attitude one of ruthlessness? Is it clear, settled, and unequivocal in your mind and in your heart of hearts that, should you or a loved one be physically attacked, then you will do ANYTHING, regardless of how foul or destructive, and you will do it without a fraction of a second’s hesitation, to stop the attacker at once?

If your answer is “Well, I think so” then you’d better think again! You’d better re-think all of your philosophy, and you’d better come to grips with what really happens  (and/or what really may happen to you or to a loved one) should you for any moment be reluctant to savage a violent offender the moment he moves on you.

The truth is that there is no time to “ponder” when attacked. You have no possible way of knowing the motive, capabilities, or background of anyone who initiates violence, and you’d better not start wondering about it, either! When that awful moment of truth arrives, you must act and act fast, with but a single concern dominating all that you feel and do: DESTROY THE ENEMY, AND DESTROY HIM NOW; BEFORE HE DESTROYS YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE(S)!

It hardly matters how you stop a dangerous and determined violent offender, so long as you succeed.

Unfortunately, many of those actions that are taught and accepted as “self-defense” today amount to little more than silly nonsense. They may look beautiful and impressive in the dojo. They may work flawlessly in demonstrations. And the atmosphere of solemnity and classical/traditional  awe in which those who teach these skills insist they be practiced, may indeed be foreboding. But the skills are, plainly put, crap. No truly dangerous offender is going to be thwarted — or even slowed down — by the attempt on a victim’s part to apply them. Unlike the practice partner in the dojo, the street assailant, home invader, rapist, kidnapper, mugger, troublemaking bully, or other serious attacker will shrug off the pretty and fancy moves, and simply clobber the one who has attempted to employ such moves. Violent offenders, you see, have no qualms about being ruthless.

Only combat techniques will work when the chips are down and the battle is for real. But here’s the big catch: Even the finest combat techniques (and we teach them all) will not work if the one who has learned HOW to do them lacks the WILL to apply them. And the fountainhead of that “will” is RUTHLESSNESS!

Excise from your mind and heart forever the notion that there is any correlation between contest and combat. The notion that one  ought to attempt to win a hand-to-hand fight by use of that which is utilized in order to win a match has literally brainwashed countless thousands who wish not to be “champion competitors”, but to be individuals who possess the ability to defend themselves.

The following are some of the more fundamental and extremely basic techniques of self-defense. In some instances the following comprise that which is a part of a proper self-defense technique. Please consider them for a few moments:

1. Ramming extended fingers into the eyes

2. Deeply gouging the eyes with your thumbs, while gripping the adversary’s head

3. Tearing the ears off

4. Shoving a finger into and up through a nostril

5. Biting a piece of the face off

6. Stomping through — and breaking — the knee

7. Seizing the windpipe with the fingers and yanking

8. Chopping powerfully into the throat

9. Hooking the thumbs into the corners of the mouth and tearing

10. Smashing the bridge of the nose with a hammerfist blow or chop

11. Kicking powerfully and directly into the testicles

12. Bashing the head against the ground repeatedly

13. Crushing the throat of a downed opponent with the edge of your foot

14. Twisting the head viciously so as to break the neck

15. Seizing, crushing, and twisting the testicles

16. Jumping into the air and landing — with both feet, heels first — on a downed adversary

17. Throwing dirt in the eyes, and then attacking with any object at hand (stick, rock, broken glass, etc.)

18. Throwing an adversary out of a window, in front of oncoming traffic, down a flight of stairs, etc.

19. Feigning a heart attack, doubling over, and then arising with a handgun or knife and using the weapon on the attacker

20. Driving your vehicle — full speed — directly into a group of marauding gang members who are attempting to ambush your car, and then driving away

Clearly and obviously, these are all drastic actions that are justifiable only in unavoidable self-defense. But in unavoidable self-defense they are absolutely justifiable! And unless you possess the requisite ruthlessness that enables you to apply them without hesitation, merely “knowing” those actions will do you no good.

You have got to be RUTHLESS.

Please keep this message in mind whenever you train!