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Our Training Program At The
Academy of Self-Defense

Technical Skill, Tactical Savvy, and Mental Readiness
A complete program in all aspects of effective,
practical, real world self-defense and close combat…



Serious, No-Nonsense, Real World Self-Defense and Modern Close Combat Only!

No Sport, No Mysticism, No False Claims or Promises. Just solid, proven, realistic and functional training that can  SAVE YOUR LIFE if you’re ever in danger.

NO ONE can be adequately prepared for the reality of dangerous physical combat with murderous felons, troublemakers, or military opponents merely by being taught “techniques”. The physical mastery of effective techniques — although crucial — merely indicates, by itself, that an individual potentially CAN employ them. However, in a violent, sudden emergency, when there is no time to think or to plan, the big question is: WILL he instantly decide to do so?

Unless a student of combat arts has been carefully and properly conditioned to be mentally ready to meet unexpected violence, it is entirely possible that his physical training will remain largely theoretical, and in the moment of truth he will hesitate, freeze, or fail to convert his fear into rage. Thus, in addition to training our students in the toughest and most reliable methods of close combat and personal defense, we train them to be psychologically prepared to use those skills — and to use them with full commitment and without the slightest tremor of hesitation — in any emergency.

Additionally,students of self-defense are poorly served unless they are taught reliable personal security tactics and how best to apply their combat skills under all sorts of adverse and varying conditions, anywhere at any time. Trouble can come when on a family outing, while taking a stroll, when at work, while traveling, or when mingling with friends or business associates — at home or abroad.

All of this necessary training is integral to all phases and levels of instruction at the Academy, in the American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao)™ System.

From Lesson One the student is technically, tactically, and mentally trained how to confront serious aggression and deal with it decisively and reliably. He learns war-proven skills, professional tactics, and the finest methods of mental preparedness known. No one can ever guarantee success in combat; however, there is nothing that can better prepare the individual and more dramatically increase the probability that he will prevail if and when he is ever in a dangerous predicament, than training in our System!



A COMBINATION of private lessons and group classes (all lessons and classes taught exclusively by Prof. Steiner, personally) insure that every student receives clear, concise, readily understood instructions that are tailored to his unique individual requirements, while being led in rigorous Class drills that instill the finest combat techniques and the highest level of psychological readiness for combat.

Is Our Training For You?

ULTIMATELY, OF course, only you can decide if our instruction and our System is what you are looking for. This is why we offer a brief, intensive Introductory Course that provides, through a series of all private lessons, an opportunity for interested and qualified parties to gain some actual training and experience with what and how we teach. In this Introductory Course a beginner is taught some practical, effective techniques of self-defense, elements of mental conditioning, how to stand, move, and position yourself so that you cannot be “set up” for an attack, and interactive tactics that enable you to stay one step ahead of any troublemaker who intends you harm. Some of the most effective war-proven hand and foot attacks of unarmed combat (commando style!) are also taught in this short course, and there is even some introductory instruction that demonstrates how we teach powerful, devastating attack combinations.

If you think that learning a powerful, reliable, effective, and proven system of no-nonsense personal self-defense and close combat is something that would benefit you (and, indirectly, those you love and care about) then give us a call and set up an appointment for a personal interview.

The only thing that you have to lose is your fear that you will not be able to take care of yourself and your family if dangerous violence ever intrudes into your life.


In Seattle, Washington

• Group Training Classes Held Six Times Weekly:

Monday – 12 noon to 1pm
Tuesday – 7pm to 8pm
Wednesday – 12 noon to 1pm -and- 7pm to 8pm
Thursday – 7pm to 8pm
Saturday – 12pm to 1pm

• Private Lessons Available Seven Days A Week

• Short-Term Intensive Programs For Groups

• Special Courses In Knifework (Knife Fighting)

And In The Art Of Practical Stick Fighting

• Short-Term Courses Available

For Out-Of-Towners

We offer custom-tailored private lesson courses for individuals and couples or groups who live outside the Seattle area. We train individuals from other States and from foreign countries. We have been doing this successfully for more than 20 years.

If you live in another city, state,

or country but wish to learn our

methods, consider taking a short-

term intensive, custom course.

• Special Programs Can Be Arranged

To Meet Special Needs And The Unique

Requirements of Military, Intelligence,

and Law Enforcement Professionals.